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Welcome To Our 2020 Virtual Competitions!

We are so pleased to be opening back up the dance competition experience. We look forward to “virtually” celebrating the love of dance with you once again in the month of July! This event will be for studios only. The price for all entries is $30 per routine. Routines may be a video taken from a previous competition, in the studio, or at home/outside.

All routines will receive a critique from our esteemed three party judging panel. Only overalls will be announced throughout the event as scheduled.

SCHEDULE: A schedule will be received after registration has closed.


VIDEO UPLOADS: A link will be emailed to the email address on file in registration after submitting your routines. Please use this link to upload your video. Name the file with the routine number outlined in the schedule with your studio name. For example, 123_studio_name.mp4. Please submit videos that are in landscape mode in MP4 or MOV format.
Vertical or portrait style videos will not be accepted. Please email us if you need assistance formatting your video entry.

HOW TO WATCH: Visit on the days of the competition broadcast.

2020 Virtual Events

Showbiz Virtual Solo/Studio Challenge

DATE: July 25-26, 2020

• Registration and payment must be received by July 10
• Schedule and upload link received July 11
• Video submission must be received by July 13


• Solo entries only
• 1 level
• All events will follow current Showbiz Solo age divisions

DETAILS: Each soloist placing in the top 10 will award their studio points. The studio with the most points will receive a free virtual master class with world renown instructor Fik-Shun, two-time Champion from Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance" and finalist on NBC's "WORLD OF DANCE!"

1st place- 10 points
2nd place- 9 points
3rd place- 8 points
4th place- 7 points
5th place- 6 points
6th place- 5 points
7th place- 4 points
8th place- 3 points
9th place- 2 points
10th place- 1 point


All Solo High Point Winners will receive $25 in BizBucks and Showbiz Apparel in addition to earning points for their studio.

Email us and we are glad to help!

June 20th Virtual Solo Showdown Results

Virtual Solo Showdown Results (pdf)

June 27th Virtual Showdown Results

Virtual Solo Showdown Results (pdf)

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