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Showbiz & PrimeTime COVID-19 Protocols

For the last 33 years, Showbiz National Talent has taken pride in putting our dance families first and that includes the health and safety of all of our participants. We want to offer our upcoming competitions the safest environment possible. We continue to diligently monitor each state’s government policy and will follow all CDC protocols set in place. We have been and will continue to work closely with our venue and hotel affiliates. Keep in mind, the practices below might not reflect all the efforts Showbiz National Talent, PrimeTime Dance, and the venues are taking. These safety measures we have implemented, coupled with your help and personal responsibility, will help provide the safety and comfort necessary to best provide a successful and safe event. Decisions for each competition will be made in real time and information will be sent to you prior to your attendance. Thank you for your continued support, understanding and cooperation.

All events in 2021 will be held under one of these options:

Showbiz and PrimeTime are planning to host all scheduled events, in person, for the upcoming season. We will be working with each venue and the restrictions in place with each respective event city. We will be implementing guidelines to ensure the safety and health of all attending.

Finally, if we are unable to move forward with a live event due to COVID-19 restrictions in place, we will offer an enhanced virtual competition (at a reduced rate) for all attendees. This enhanced virtual competition will also provide FREE ZOOM Master Classes for all attendees throughout the weekend. We want to ensure that while we may not be physically together, your dancers and dance families will still have the ability to interact with their studio family and others, as well as take part in activities and classes over the scheduled weekend. Awards ceremonies will be broadcast live during specific times.

All in-person events will be be held under these scheduled options:

Showbiz and PrimeTime will host “normal” scheduling at all events if the current guidelines and restrictions allow.

Showbiz and PrimeTime will spread all solos and duet/trios out over the course of all days. Groups will be sprinkled in throughout to create as much distance as possible. Solos and Duet/Trios will have awards throughout. Group awards will be done once the final group is finished competing in each specific age, size category, and division.

Each studio will have its own block time to compete all routines within a certain amount of time. In rare cases, some studios may be paired together as long as all social distancing and safety measures can be taken.

Flu-Like Symptoms

Any person involved that has flu-like symptoms should not attend the event. Be smart and responsible. If you are coughing, have a fever, are experiencing unusual fatigue, then do the best thing for you and others and stay at home and watch the event on our live website link. While we love to see family members and friends, the health and safety of all involved must come first.

Face Coverings

Face coverings are mandatory for all attendees who enter the building. This guideline is subject to change based on each venue's restrictions. Our entire staff will be wearing masks at all times. Please wear a mask covering that is compliant with the CDC guidelines and protocols, especially in the lobby and common areas. No scarves or bandannas please. Dancers are not required to wear masks on stage as that will be left to each studio’s discretion. However, we recommend dancers wear face coverings off stage.
Temperature Checks
Our Showbiz staff will receive temperature checks every day. We encourage studio owners to check the temperature of their dancers and teachers each morning and confirm with parents that their dancers are in good health.

Limiting Capacity

Per the guidelines set in place by each respective state, we will comply with the total number of dancers and attendees that are able to be in the building at one time, which comes in addition to the staff of the venue and our company. We will in no way meet or exceed the maximum number of attendees. The restrictions, if any, that we collectively will all be under will be reflected when you receive your schedule, along with other important information. Social distancing should continue, when possible.

Dressing Rooms

Dressing room spaces will be expanded to help comply with social distancing. At a maximum, studios will be limited to 1 parent per child to assist with costume changes. If the dancer is old enough to change on their own, this would be preferred. This number may be reduced depending on the capacity limit provided. Directions for each respective venue will be provided in advance of the event. Social distancing should continue in all areas.


Our Marley floor will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day. Our backstage area and merchandise area will also be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.

Hand Washing & Sanitizer

All attendees should wash their hands multiple times throughout the day. The CDC recommends this as one of the best practices to avoid transmission of the virus. We will have hand sanitizer available backstage as well as at the Merchandise Boutique for anyone in need.
When possible, all attendees should also be equipped with hand sanitizer. We recommend applying hand sanitizer or washing hands and feet after competing.

Venue Cleanliness

Each hotel and venue has assured us they will have increased cleaning of all surfaces, handrails, door handles, elevators, etc. We will have a collective meeting with each venue prior to the event and a walk through with the venue each day before the event begins to ensure cleanliness.

Water Stations

There will be no water stations available at any event. Therefore, dancers should bring their own water bottles and beverages that are clearly marked with their initials and/or name.
Cashless Transactions

Our Merchandise Boutique will only be accepting credit cards and contactless forms of payment (ApplePay, etc.). No cash will be exchanged.

Competition Spectators

One guardian per dancer is preferred and recommended for the duration of our summer competitions. If protocols change within the time or your specific competition where you are able to bring in more family, that will be included in the studios director’s note, along with other important information. Again, each area of an event is different and the phases for each respective is fluid. Therefore, specific directions on spectators will be provided in advance of the event. Social distancing should continue in all areas.

Live Stream of Competition

We encourage families, friends and dance fans to watch our FREE live stream of all competitions. This is available on our websites at www.showbiztalent.com/live, www.primetimedance.com/live, and on the Showbiz and PrimeTime iOS and Android Apps.


There will be no deductions for costumes that include masks, gloves, or protective equipment during performances. If you prefer your dancers not wear a costume to avoid dressing room spaces, this is also approved with no penalty. It is under your sole discretion whether you would like your dancers to wear costumes as it will not be factored into the adjudication.


We recommend and prefer only setting and stage props be used and no props that are carried or passed between dancers be used. If any type of prop is to be used that necessitates being held by a dancer, we will request that they all be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in front of a staff member before going on stage and then collected and placed in a container immediately coming off stage.

Awards Sessions

Dancers will be able to pick up their adjudication immediately after their number competes. Dancers may have to sit in the audience and one representative will have to come onstage to receive their awards while wearing a mask. Some cities may only be able to livestream awards with staff only. A studio representative should remain to collect all awards. You will be notified of this protocol within your director’s note, along with other important information as this again will be based on capacity levels of each respective event. Social distancing should continue in all areas.

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