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2020 Free Photo & Video

Please note that it can take up to 7 days after the last day of an event for the photos and videos to become available for download!

Viewing, purchasing, and downloading from our galleries requires a password that is provided to your studio representative or the name and birthday of the performer at each event beginning with our 2020 season. Please contact them for your studio’s access code prior to purchasing if you need to access media from other routines your student is not a part of.

The studio access codes are emailed to the account on file that was used at registration time, and are sent out when the media becomes available. We can not share studio codes with anyone other than the account we have on file.

2020-2023 FREE Photo & Video Ordering Instructions

1: Visit Our Zenfolio Gallery

Visit our Zenfolio gallery for 2021 and choose your competition, then the event you attended. The events are published when all content has been uploaded and is ready to download.

Please allow up to 7 days from the last day of your competition for the events to be available. You can always know when the media is ready when you see a gallery for your event on our Facebook pages.

Zenfolio Helper Image 1

(1) Choose Competition

Zenfolio Helper Image 2

(2) Choose Event

2: Search For The Performer

Starting in 2020, we moved to a keyword search to locate photos and videos for each performer. To achieve this, we have embedded keywords for each performer as well as the master studio passcode in the metadata of every photo and video that is uploaded.

The keyword for each performer is created from the first two letters of their first name, the full last name and the birthday expressed in MMDDYY format.

Please note! The keyword must match the name and birthday provided at the time of registration. If you receive no results for your search, have the studio representative verify how the performer was listed at the time of registration.

Zenfolio Keyword Helper
Zenfolio Helper Image 3

(3) Enter Keyword and Search

Zenfolio Helper Image 4

(4) Results Page

3: Add Photos & Videos To Cart

For each photo and video you would like to download, click on it from the list of media that is presented from your keyword search. All routines will be mixed together so you can more easily find the performer your are looking for and add them to your order all at once.

For each item you would like to add to your cart, select the item from the image list in the lower part of the window, click the "+" sign next to the Digital Photo or Video Download and it will be added to your cart. You can also choose from an array of printed merchandise, such as photo prints, canvas art or clothing with your dancer's image on it. Free and paid products can be mixed in the same order.

You can pick and choose just what you need, so there is no need to pick every image if there are some you do not care for. This will make your overall download smaller and easier to manage.

Zenfolio Helper Image 5

(5) Add Products to Cart

Zenfolio Helper Image 6

(6) Go to Cart and Checkout

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(7) License Agreement

Zenfolio Helper Image 6

(8) Enter Contact & Billing Info

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(9) Place Order

We strongly recommend using a desktop Mac or PC rather than a mobile device to create an order and download your media. Scrolling though images is easier on a desktop device, and the order will be delivered to you in a ZIP archive you will need to expand on your device to view the media. iOS does not allow expansion of ZIP archives and many flavors of Android do not offer complete support. You can always transfer the files to your device with your iOS iCloud account or your Google Account on an Android device from a desktop computer.

All photos and videos are available ONLY as digital downloads! We do not offer any products on CD/DVD or USB flash drives! All media can be burned to a CD or DVD as needed by the end user, and there are no DRM locks on our files.

Have questions? We are here to help!
Send your photo/video order questions to

Previous Seasons

• All season prior to 2020 are at the previous $25/package fee.

* Flat fee is for digital downloads only.

* 1080p video quality is for 2019 season and newer only.

* Does not include print on demand products which are sold separately.

(1) From your studio's gallery, choose the act you would like to purchase. The first item in each list is a video, and the rest are photos. In the area on the right hand side, there is a blue link labeled "See All Products".


(2) After Choosing "See All Products" there will be a page with a product called "Media Package". Click the "Start Building" link to add all your photos and video for each routine.


(3) On the Media Package page, you will need to add your video to the photos that are automatically selected as part of the package (you receive all photos by default). Just grab the video form the left hand column and drag it into the Routine Video slot. If you happen to have a photo selected when you choose the Media Package product, the video will be located in the "All" tab.


(4) Click the "Add To Cart" in the lower right to place it in your shopping cart. Repeat this process for every routine you would like to purchase.

(5) If you would like only the photos or videos from a routine, there are products for those only. When you clock on "See All Products" when choosing a routine, you can scroll down and select "See More" under the Downloads product:


(6) Add the Routine Photos or Routine Videos (depending on what you have selected) to you cart for $12.50/each.

(7) If you have a photo selected, you can also choose Prints, Home Decor or Photo Gifts to purchase a variety of unique products customized with your dancers image on them.

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