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Westerfield Management, Inc. is pleased to announce that its founder, David Westerfield, has passed on the company to international dance superstar, Rasta Thomas.

Effective immediately, Rasta will join the staff as the new Artistic Director and CEO of Showbiz and Primetime. Rasta will work closely with David and its amazing staff, to continue the excellence Showbiz has demonstrated over the past 25 years, while also providing new professional opportunities for dancers.

A Personal Message From David Westerfield

Friends and colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that Westerfield Management has transferred ownership to Rasta Thomas, international dance superstar, effective January 1, 2013. In 1988, I founded Showbiz National Talent Competition, realizing a dream of creating an event which reflected high production values, quality experiences and the highest professionalism. Twenty-five years later, Showbiz Talent and Primetime Dance enjoy a reputation in the industry for quality competitive events and master classes. Westerfield Management has the privilege of passing on our standard of excellence to Mr. Thomas who will continue to provide the best experience for everyone who attends a Showbiz or Primetime event.

Rasta Thomas will lead the staff as the new CEO and Artistic Director of Showbiz and Primetime. He has achieved international success as a seasoned dancer in commercials, films, and live theatre, as well as appearing as a guest artist with such companies as the Kirov Ballet, Imperial Russian Ballet, The Joffrey Ballet, Beijing Central Ballet, Dance Theatre of Harlem, Victor Ullate Ballet of Spain, Inoue Ballet of Japan, the Universal Ballet of Korea, and the ABT at the Metropolitan Opera House. In 2007, Mr. Thomas founded the Bad Boys of Dance Company. Thomas chose dancers from competition, Broadway, and ballet backgrounds to create a fresh, new dance company comprised of the most talented and versatile dancers in the world today.

Showbiz and Primetime have been a passion for 25 years. This has been my life’s work for so many years that it is bittersweet to move forward and open the next chapter of my life. I am eternally grateful for the wonderful people that I have met from the dance world. I could never have succeeded without the outstanding staff, loyal studio owners, enthusiastic dancers, and colleagues that have helped me to pave the path in the industry. Now I am passing it on to one of my all-time favorite Showbiz Boys. He danced on the Showbiz stage when he was 9 years old. I chose Mr. Thomas knowing that he will take the ground work I laid ahead of him and do great things.

I will continue throughout the 2013 tour season as a collaborator and advisor to Mr. Thomas as he continues the principled “Westerfield Way” while providing additional professional opportunities for dancers across the country and around the world. I am honored to provide expertise and guidance in the transition of Westerfield Management in the full knowledge that it will continue in the tradition it was founded, with respect to the values and quality which have built it into industry standard of exceptional service and education.

I am indebted to each and every one of you – the people who have supported, encouraged, and loved me through the genesis and development of my opus – Showbiz and Primetime. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and let us all wish continued success to Mr. Thomas and Westerfield Management.

With affection,
David Westerfield

A Personal Message From Rasta Thomas

To the Showbiz Family,

I am very excited and humbled to be the new Artistic Director/CEO of Westerfield Management. It is truly an honor to be a part of this iconic organization that over the years has become known as the industry standard in dance competitions. For 25 years, Showbiz has excelled because it takes pride in being the best and offering exceptional service and education. Having grown into one of the largest and most successful dance competitions today, I look forward to continuing the success of Showbiz and Primetime, as well as implementing new opportunities we have planned for dancers across the country and around the world.

Why Showbiz and Primetime?  Quite simply, I am looking to return to my roots, to the place where dancing began for me. I remember spending hours and hours practicing day in and day out. I remember arriving at Nationals and feeling the energy and excitement all around. I remember nervously standing in the wings, feeling my heart pounding, and focusing my mind. I remember stepping on stage and putting my hard work to the test. I remember the joy I felt and hearing the applause when David Westerfield announced my name and I won Mr. Showbiz.  From then on I knew there was no greater feeling than performing on stage!

The opportunity and motivation David Westerfield gave me through his competition and classes is what took me to the next level. The Showbiz experience gave me the confidence, passion and determination to continue my dream of becoming a world class professional dancer. Years later, the hard work paid off. I was touring the world with top companies and dancing works by the world's best choreographers. Today, I have the pleasure of directing some of the very best dancers in the world in my company, Bad Boys of Dance, and I look forward to bringing this same training and education to the young aspiring dancers of tomorrow.  

This same Showbiz experience is what I plan to give back. I want to inspire the next generation of dancers. I want to offer today’s young dancers the very best.  I want them to learn from the most professional dancers and dance educators. I want to reward dancers for strong technique, creativity, and artistry - qualities all great performers possess. I believe competition challenges us and makes us better. Wherever dance may take you, being your best will only help. The stage is a perfect place to discover who you really are and what you want.

Westerfield Management has endured and grown for the last 25 years. We will always stay true to the Showbiz principle – quality first!  Showbiz and Primetime will remain events which reflect high production values and quality entertainment. Building upon the expertise and guidance of my mentor David Westerfield, I look forward to carrying on the torch of excellence. Join me and my amazing staff for all that is to come and let us share in the magic of dance together.

Rasta Thomas